Our Foundation

At Rohtas & Hans, our journey traces back to the visionary leadership of our founder, Sh. Hans Kumar Jain. With unwavering determination, Mr. Jain established the firm over three decades ago in 1984, laying the foundation for our success and growth. Born into a middle-class family of businessmen in Delhi, India, his story is one of perseverance, passion, and a commitment to excellence.

Mr. Jain embarked on his professional journey by qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1981. Armed with his qualification and a strong work ethic, he took a leap of faith and founded the firm, starting with humble beginnings in a small office located at Peepal Mahadev, Hauz Qazi, Chandni Chowk, Delhi. Despite limited financial resources, his determination propelled him forward, and he soon began serving clients ranging from small traders in the nearby area to prestigious government banks and listed corporate entities, undertaking Branch Audit Work.
Under Mr. Jain's proficient guidance and mentorship, the firm has flourished into a respected multi-disciplinary practice. Over the years, he has assembled a team of highly skilled professionals and fostered a diverse clientele base across India and overseas. His unwavering belief in untapped potential and entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire both our team and our clients in their own ventures.

At Rohtas & Hans, we take immense pride in our rich heritage, which is deeply rooted in the values Mr. Jain instilled within the firm. Proficiency, reliability, and integrity are the pillars upon which we stand. These core values guide our every action and decision, ensuring that we consistently deliver exceptional services to our clients.
As we move forward, we carry with us the wisdom and guidance imparted by our esteemed founder. His legacy serves as a constant reminder of the heights we can achieve through hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence. At Rohtas & Hans, we honor his vision by continuing to provide top-notch consultancy services and empowering our clients to reach their full potential.

Join us on this remarkable journey, where the spirit of Rohtas & Hans and the indomitable legacy of Sh. Hans Kumar Jain continue to shape the future of our firm and the success of our clients.

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